Help Save California Fairgrounds!

CA Fairgrounds face potential closures. Without help, the future is uncertain. Together we can help save fairgrounds for generations to come.

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Your California Fairs Are At-Risk!

The future of many California Fairgrounds including beloved fairs, and other events, emergency service and community support, vendors, jobs and more are at risk. We need to act quickly. Devastating financial losses have impacted all of the States Fairgrounds with difficult decisions including event cancellations, employee layoffs, furloughs or salary cuts being made daily. You can help by taking action today.

Congress and our national leaders are considering an important stimulus package for States and local communities. Each of us needs to speak up today and urge our state and federal law makers to support the Fair Industry. When we all come together and let our voices be heard, we will make a difference. Now more than ever our industry, partners, and our community’s need us.

CA Fairgrounds are an integral part of many communities and every fair in the state of California has been severely impacted. When we speak up together, we cannot be ignored.

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Take Action, Save Your Fairs!


Send this Letter

We created a sample letter to get you started.

Copy the text from our example, fill out the blue sections, and fire it off to your representatives.

Email Your Leaders

With the click of a button, email local, State and National representatives with our Save The Fairgrounds message. Feel free to personalize the message.

Write Your Representatives Directly

Use these sample letters and personalize them with your own Fair memories!

Write your representatives and tell them what your California fairgrounds mean to you! Together we can help ensure that your California fairgrounds continue to be a staple of your community!

Write Governor Gavin Newsom

Write Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Write Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Write Congressman Mike Garcia

Write Assemblyman Scott Wilk

Write Assemblyman Tom Lackey

Write Supervisor Kathryn Barger

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