Our Mission


We believe in providing a dynamic, state-of-the art event center for the Antelope Valley that stimulates economic opportunity, learning, and growth while creating equal-opportunity access for the entire community.

We believe in operating as stewards of the public’s investment in the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, employing the highest standards of fiscal management, and governing practices.

We believe in creating all-inclusive programs and offerings that support learning and development, responsible life skills, and opportunities to incorporate agriculture into our daily lives.

Joint Powers of Authority

AV Fair Association

50th District Agriculture Association

Friends of the Fair, Inc


  • Enrich the lives of all in our community, providing experiences, opportunities, and a chance to achieve.
  • Create a lifetime of memories with every opportunity we are presented.
  • Honor and celebrate the people of the Antelope Valley.


  1. We will serve our community, including our customers and stakeholders.
  2. We will preserve the heritage and traditions of our community, with emphasis on our aerospace and agricultural heritage.
  3. We will lead with respect, unity, and courageous collaboration while embracing diversification.
  4. We will build trust through honesty, transparency, and open communication.
  5. We will create an economic stimulus for our community.
  6. We will provide benefit to our patrons at a reasonable and affordable cost.
  7. We will strive for excellence in all we do.
  8. We will consistently improve, ensuring the continuing success of the AV Fair.
  9. We will earn and value the allegiance and loyalty of our customers.
  10. We will govern with one purpose and one vision guided by mutually respected values.
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2551 West Avenue H
Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 948-6060

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